Wings Over America - Atlanta GA 5-19-1976

Track list

Disc 1


Venus And Mars / Rock Show

6:45 • Live

Concert From the concert in Atlanta, USA on May 19, 1976





Disc 2




3:23 • Live

Concert From the concert in Atlanta, USA on May 19, 1976


From the liner notes:

This post, like the last, is also a departure from the norm. As I did not have a tape source for this show I had to turn to a CDR of the source tape for the single LP release by Melvin Records “Wings Over Atlanta”. While the recording starts out acceptable it degrades around ‘Live and Let Die’. It’s easy to understang why Melvin only released a portion of this recording. I needed to rework the CDR I had because the tracks were split in all the wrong locations. The into to just about every song was tagged onto the end of the previous track. So each track was re-split and I did a touch of eq to bring the sound out a bit more. Also the levels were all over the place, with the right channel being louder then the left in the first part of the show, and the complete opposite by the end of the show. SO the levels were adjusted as needed.

I wish to thank CM for providing the CDR’s for this transfer. I could not have done this without him.


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