Wings Over America - Atlanta GA 5-18-1976


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Disc 1


Intro Music


Venus And Mars / Rock Show





Disc 2



From the liner notes:

This post is a departure from the norm. As there was no available cassette source for this show so I needed to look elsewhere. This show saw limited availability on a privately pressed CDR titled “Over The Omni 1976”. The source for which was a fair audience recording that was seriously over-modulated. I took a stab at salvaging the show by doing some processing to the recording.

I took each track individually and applied the same process. Aside from two or three changes to the track splitting, all the tracks are split as on the original CDR’s. I created a profile for each adjustment for consistency throughout the entire show. First I did a Phase Correction to align the two channels. Following this I needed to remove a high pitch signal that ran through the entire recording. This signal was isolated and its volume was effectively reduced to zero. Theoretically it is still there but can no longer be heard. Next using the “Clip Restoration” plug-in I created a profile tailored to this recording to repair the clipping and reduce the amplitude a bit. The left channel was louder then the right so I reduced it by 1.5db (I didn’t need to do this to the encores). This now gave me enough headroom to do some equalization. This was done with the “Graphic Equalizer” set on 30 bands. At this point I thought I was done but on final playback I discovered the left chanel had variations in the volume level due to the clipping of the original file. I always do final playback on a real
stereo, not the computer. The right channel sounded much better overall then the left. I could have eliminated the left channel completely and just kept the right but voted against that. I decided instead to mix the track down to mono which gave everything a much better balance. There were also a few locations where there was an annoying noise, like the sound of someone hitting against the mike while clapping. This I removed on a selective basis. I think the results were worth the trouble and the show is now much more listenable.

I wish to thank CM for providing the CDR’s for this transfer. I could not have done this without him.

Please note “Live and Let Die” is incomplete.


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