Independence Concert 2008 - The Lost Soundboard Master

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A Day In The Life – Give Peace A Chance




The End

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)"

Concert From "Independence Concert" in Kyiv, Ukraine on Jun 14, 2008

Disc 3



Ukrainian Improvisation


Something Jam


Yesterday Jam


Message For Kiev


From giginjapan:

Complete recording of the Kiev performance on June 14, 2008
First outflow sound board sound source that is not from video
■ Perfect content that does not suffer from the interpretation of DJs that already existed
■ Sound check sound source of the day included

Paul in 2008 only performed 4 concerts. The issue of divorce with Heather Mills had been overwhelming, and we could not do a long tour. Unfortunately, the three years 2006, 2007 and 2008 have been lost. Although there was a one-off concert to maintain the band’s skill, no tour was performed. However, the four performances in 2008 were all held in large venues that fill the stadium, and it is known among fans that all were special concerts. The concerts held this year are in the following 4 cities.

June 1, 2008 Liverpool performance
June 14, 2008 Kiev performance
July 20, 2008 Quebec Performance
September 25, 2008 Tel Aviv Performance

And this work has recorded the Kiev performance on June 14, 2008. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. Ukraine was an independent nation in 1991 following the collapse of the Soviet Union. In this Ukraine Paul will make a big mark in history. It was a heavy concert that no one had ever seen in the torrential rain. The number of its audience is 350,000. Even though it was a free concert, it gathered the audience for five Tokyo Domes at once. The concert took place in Independence Square, the stage of the 2004 Orange Revolution, as there is no stadium that can accommodate an unimaginable audience of 350,000. A temporary stage was created in the square located at the intersection of the streets of Kiev city. The concert was not limited to the presence of 350,000 people. Huge screens have been installed in 6 cities in Ukraine (Kharkov, Dnipropetrovsk, Sevastopol, Lviv, Donetsk, Odessa), and it is said that 195,000 people have watched in Japan. Furthermore, the concert was broadcast on Ukrainian TV, and it is said that more than 10 million Ukrainians watched this historic concert in total.

This work has completely recorded this historical Kiev performance with a leaked sound board. Immediately after the concert, a professional shot image was released from the image relayed, and a sound board sound source derived from the image was released. However, it is undeniable that they are of poor quality from the current perspective. The image was 3: 4 and the image quality was poor. Although the sound source derived from the video had high sound quality, unfortunately Paul’s remarks during the concert were covered by a Ukrainian interpreter. Since it is a broadcast sound source, it can’t be helped, but it can be said that it was flawed as a pure live album due to the DJ’s talking.
This work is a leaked sound board sound source that was recorded separately from the video, not the video that was broadcast at that time and the audio that originated from the video. In the pre-show part that was not recorded in the video, the sound of John Hamel playing the strings and tuning was vividly recorded, backed by the background-enhancing BGM that was flowing to the venue on the day. Of course, since it is a leaked sound board sound source that has not been broadcast, the announcement by DJ as described above is not included at all. It is said that the sound source was originally officially recorded for the purpose of release, but the truth is uncertain. In any case, it is a completely leaked sound board sound source that first appeared, and of course no one has ever heard it on the download site.

And the contents of the concert are also wonderful. After all, “Mrs. Vandebilt” will premiere on this day. It’s the 4th song of the album “Band On The Run”, which is a plain song, but it’s a premiere that I haven’t performed live during Wings. It may have been adopted on this day due to the cossacking of “Hoo, Heiho” and the exceptional release of this album in the Communist sphere during the former Soviet Union era. The photos on the day show that it was a concert in heavy rain, and after “Good Day Sunshine” was performed, “I sang the weather like today,” Paul says with irony. . And the interesting one is “Birthday”. Paul misunderstood the setlist and band members started playing the “Birthday” and Paul playing the “Back In The USSR” bass line. The band members who noticed it suddenly switched to “Back In The USSR” themselves, but Paul stopped it. “I made a mistake in the order of the songs,” and started “Birthday” again. The medley of “A Day In The Life-Give Peace A Chance” is the second performance following Liverpool just before.

This work is a complete recording of the concert that took place in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine on June 14, 2008, with the sound board sound source that appeared for the first time. Disk 3 contains the sound check of the day. This is an audience sound source. It is a large-scale free concert not only attracted 350,000 people but also watched live over Ukraine. The venue was Independence Square, the stage of the Orange Revolution. The president and his wife, who came to power during the Orange Revolution, also attended the concert in history in Ukraine. Ukrainian girls really knock us out! Permanently preserved press board with beautiful picture disc specifications. Comes with an inner filled with photos of the day’s sound check and concert.


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