The New World Tour 1993 Tokyo 1st

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From giginjapan:

Following the concert in Japan in 2013, of 2002, from Japan tour in 1993, the latest M Claudel will release Tokyo Dome concert November 12, 1993 the first day. There is also that shortly after from the previous one, Japan tour in 1993, was one more swells as the topic of the world, but Japan again to part of the precious 1993 New World Tour among fans It was added became a big topic. Is said to tour at this time is the beginning of the Beatles from “Drive My Car”, in addition to many of the Beatles number that is addressed in stage for the first time, Paul has composed for the first time, “I Lost My Little Girl”, Hamish Paul is sitting in the drum further But take a number rare vocal and “Ain’t No Sunshine”, to do now is jostling. The eye-catching It is especially number of recording was also taken up many new album at the time in the “off-the-ground”. Tour associated with the previous work in the “Flowers In The Dirt” is followed by great success, was recorded in live form a band that performed the tour is “off-the-ground”, which played in the live exactly that it was meant as a premise, has become clear from this. And a McCartney Classic to do now was impressive hard “Looking For Changes”, the stage production “Biker Like An Icon”, is being played on the stage again recently and “Hope Of Deliverance”, even in classic was such as “C’mon People”, the tour of the pole from the soloed, live that incorporates plenty of new song about this is rare. I can ask Paul during this period or had substantial how. Tour a large expected it to be had been going as long as the original even after this probably, physical condition of Linda did not allow it unfortunately. It must wait until 2002 then Paul’s stand on the stage, I became a tour of the last to be with Linda. Of course, the last stage of the Japanese fans saw Linda, it was a tour this. From the Japan tour for the second time in 1993, the latest M Claudel is, complete recording of high-quality sound at a performance in Tokyo November 12 the first day. Press Release Athletic permanent preservation of the beautiful picture-disk specification. Japanese with belt.


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