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Unplugged (The Official Bootleg)

By Paul McCartneyOfficial live• Part of the collection “Paul McCartney • Live albums

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UK release date:
May 20, 1991
US release date:
Jun 04, 1991
79641 32

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Track list

Disc 1


I Lost My Little Girl

Written by Paul McCartney

1:46 • LiveL1

Paul McCartney:
Acoustic guitar, Vocals
Linda McCartney:
Backing vocals
Robbie McIntosh:
Acoustic guitar
Hamish Stuart:
Acoustic bass, Backing vocals
Paul Wickens:
Blair Cunningham:

Concert From "MTV Unplugged" in Wembley, United Kingdom on Jan 25, 1991

Credits & recording details courtesy of Luca Perasi • Buy Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013) on Amazon


From Wikipedia:

Unplugged (The Official Bootleg) is a live unplugged performance by Paul McCartney, recorded and released in 1991. Following the vastness of his world tour recently captured on Tripping the Live Fantastic, McCartney relished the opportunity to strip back his songs and appear on the newly launched acoustic-only show MTV Unplugged. Consequently, McCartney was the first in a long line of artists to release an unplugged album.


Unlike other artists who appeared on the acclaimed show with acoustic instruments plugged into amplifiers (producing the sound heard), McCartney’s instruments were 100% unplugged. Microphones were carefully placed close to guitars, pianos, etc. to pick up the sound (this can be seen on the album cover, where a large rectangular microphone is pictured in front of McCartney’s acoustic guitar).

Using the same line-up that had recently backed him (save for Blair Cunningham who had replaced Chris Whitten), McCartney used the opportunity to dust off some of his rarer tracks, including three from his 1970 debut album McCartney, alongside several covers and amid a helping of familiar Beatles hits.


This recording was one of the first in the famed MTV Unplugged series.

Several tracks performed in the show were not included on the album, as follows: “Things We Said Today“, “Midnight Special”, “Matchbox“, “Mean Woman Blues” and “The Fool”. Numbers rehearsed by the band but not performed at all include: “Mother Nature’s Son“, “Figure of Eight“, “Cut Across Shorty“, “Heartbreak Hotel“, “Heart of the Country“, “She’s My Baby“, and “Mrs Vandebilt”. “Things We Said Today” and “Midnight Special” would see official release two years later in 1993 as B-sides to the “Biker Like An Icon” single.


With McCartney in a loose and carefree context, critical response to Unplugged (The Official Bootleg) was very warm.

Initially released in a limited edition, individually numbered run in 1991, Unplugged (The Official Bootleg)—with artwork that recalls Снова в СССР’s—was reissued in a more permanent fashion in the late 1990s. Upon its original issue, it reached number 7 in the UK and became McCartney’s highest-peaking US album in almost ten years, reaching number 14.

Track listing



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