Charlotte 1993


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Track list

Disc 1


Opening Film


Concert From the concert in Charlotte, USA on Jun 15, 1993

Disc 2


SPEKTRUM, OSLO, NORWAY September 27, 1993




From giginjapan:

■ June 15, 1993 Charlotte Performance
■ This tour’s only sound board & pro shot complete recording

In the New World Tour of 1993, only the live album of digest contents condensed into a piece called “PAUL IS LIVE” was released because there was no time than the last live album there were. Also as a video work there is “PAUL IS LIVE” of the same name, but this is not not only a complete recording but also “Drive My Car” of the car, “The Long And Winding Road” in the “Long And Winding Road” There was plenty of image pictures with no image, but as a work it was not meant to follow-up the live anyhow. Meanwhile, speaking of the stage of complete recording which was left only for this tour, maybe the Charlotte performance of June 15, 1993 may be mentioned.

The Charlotte performance recorded only in the 1995 New World Tour as the only complete record is a popular concert as a collector’s item since long ago and CDs that only extracted sounds were also released , There was a difficulty in quality either, or there was a thing that the song was cut in the middle due to the difference in the broadcasting time, there was no decision board in the famous place. This work was recorded as the best state of both Charlotte performances as complete recorded sound source of the complete sound recording board of 1993, complete sound board, Pro Shot.

Although it is a complete recording, because the concert itself was under the time constraint assuming broadcasting, it is a shortened set list cut several songs from the regular set list on the tour. Therefore, in this work, it is treated as a bonus track, and songs cut from this tour are recorded at the first appearance audience sound source of the first appearance performance. In particular, “Fixing A Hole” was played only at the beginning of the tour, cut from the middle of the tour including the Japanese performance, which is special only with this tour, which is different from the tour of 2002.

Although the CD is a video originated sound source, in the video it is not recorded, the sound of the opening film which was flushed at the venue was recorded with all the sound board, and the original defect that the level goes up and down is adjusted The advantage is that it is flat. The DVD is a professional shot image composed only of the performance, such as the gondola turning over the seat of the audience with “Let Me Roll It” and “Hey Jude”, the text of Shakespeare descending from the top with “Paperback Writer” at that time You can also enjoy the stage stage directing etc. More than anything, although the artists say that it is all, the performance when the recording is in has become quite powerful and Paul singing while sipping long hair at the outdoor venue backing the sunset is truly wonderful. It is a pleasure of unique beautiful images as the sun goes down gradually and the scenery turns dark as the concert progresses.

1993 New World Tour The only set of sound board complete collection sound source and Pro Shot complete collection video set. Quality is recorded from the best possible master. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press.


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Alicia 1 year ago

These are not ''unnoficial'', they are promos. The company I bought mine from has permission from the copyright holder to produce them. I made enquiries before I bought from them and they are all fully licensed, factory pressed silver discs that you would buy in a shop. They are not CD-R bootlegged crap.

The PaulMcCartney Project 1 year ago

Thanks Alicia. I'm no expert when it comes to copyright. Misterclaudel (and affiliated labels - Piccadilly Circus, Valkyrie Records...) are considered as "bootlegs" by the community (eg. on BootlegZone, on, hence why I've listed those are "unofficial". Clearly those releases are not endorsed by Paul McCartney (and therefore cannot be considered as promo items) ; but in the case of live recordings, who is the copyright holder? I don't know. Thanks !

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