Barcelona • Friday, March 28, 2003

ConcertBy Paul McCartney • Part of the Back in the World tour

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Palau Sant Jordi


From The Macca Report:

Paul arrived at the venue around 5pm in a white limo. When he stopped at the venue gate he rolled down the window and said “Hola” waving to the 100 or so fans and closed the window as he said, “Adios!” Prior to Macca’s arrival the band played “All My Loving,” “Getting Better” (mostly instrumental with band singing vocals) and “Helter Skelter (full and well rehearsed). There were 10 fans at the soundcheck (who won a contest) where Paul performed “Honey Don’t,” “Bring it to Jerome,” “Midnight Special,” “You Never Give Me Your Money,” “Band On the Run” (slower version), Lady Madonna,” “India,” “Two of Us” (done four times) and “The Fool On the Hill.” The fans applauded after the songs and Paul said in Spanish, “Gracias, pequeña audiencia.” (thank you, little audience)

Before the show Paul met informally with the Mayor of Barcelona, Joan Clos and then had a press conference. Paul greeted a small group of fans and waiting journalists with “Hello, good noooooches” (evening) and waved to each one and answered questions. He was videotaped meeting with the mayor who he wasn’t formally introduced to. Paul didn’t realize the mayor was there until an aid told him. “Oh, the Mayor of Barceloni, pretty city yours,” Paul said. Then Paul asked the people gathered in the press room to chant “Long Live Spain.” Nobody did because Barcelona wants to be independent from Spain and Paul wasn’t aware of that. 

In the hall near the press conference room stood a bewildered young male fan. He let out a little yell, and giggled. Then Paul crossed a crowded room of journalists with open mouths and directed his question at the boy. “You like the Beatles?” he asked. The boy nodded his head yes. “Give me your T-shirt!” Paul ordered. The poor kid was so scared he was ready to take it right off. 

Text messages from audience cell phones were shown on the screens before and after the concert.

Macca was in great voice and peformed to a multi-generational audience of 18,000 at the sold out Palau San Jordi. Paul wore a sky blue, shiny Nehru jacket, red long-sleeved T-shirt and blue jeans. The concert started a half hour late. While the crowd was waiting in anticipation they began chanting “Ole´-ole´-ole´-ole´, Pauly, Pauly…ehh-ooh, ehh-ohh,” and collectively did ‘the wave.’ A group of fans held a signed that read: “all We need is love, STOP THE WAR.” 

The pre-show was the same as the Paris show.

Paul addressed the enthusiastic crowd after “Jet” saying “Hola españa! Hola bona nit Barcelona!” (Hello Spain! Hello good evening Barcelona!) “We have come here tonight to rockkk youu!!” 

After “All My Loving” the crowd started to scream, “PAUL-PAUL-PAUL!” Macca said, “Oh, muchas gracias. (oh, thank you) Tonight I’m gonna speak sometimes in English and sometimes en Español.” (in Spanish) Then the crowd cheered, “TORERO! TORERO!” (Bullfighter) Paul said, “So fantantics. Esta es la primera vez que he tocado esta cancion en españa.” (You’re fantastic! This is the first time I’ve performed this song in Spain). Then he launched into “Getting Better.”

Before “Let Me Roll It” the crowd chanted “OLE´! OLE´! OLE´! OLE´!” The song featured an instrumental of “Foxy Lady” at the end.

After “Let Me Roll It” a hot and sweaty Macca said, “Hace mucho calor!” (it’s very hot) and removed his jacket, neatly folding it before throwing it on the stage floor. As he took off the jacket the band played “The Stripper.” He said, “Esta cancion es nueva.” (this song is new) and then he sang “Lonely Road.”

Before “Driving Rain” he said, “It’s great for us to be here in Spain, in Barcelona, beautiful.” 

Paul introduced Abe in Spanish. “Ahora les presento nuestro fabuloso bateria, Abe Laboriel, Jr.” (And now I introduce you to our wonderful drummer..) Then Abe said, “Hola Barcelona, cómo estan? Les tengo una pregunta, estan listos para el rock? Nosotros también.” (Hello Barcelona, how are you? I have a question for you. Are you ready to rock? We are also.)

In his introduction to “Your Loving Flame” he said, “Esta me gustaria dedicarla a una persona muy espacial aqui esta noche… ma meve donna extraordinaria Heather.” (I’d like to dedicate this one to a special person who is here tonight…my extraordinary wife Heather) There was a “peace” sign on Paul’s piano only visible on the big screen when the camera focused on it. The crowd clapped when they saw it.

Signs in the audience: “Vivan los Beatles de Cádiz” (Long live the Beatles in Cadiz), “Canta Yesterday con Beth”( Sing Yesterday for Beth), “Soy Álex y tengo cuatro meses” (I’m Álex and I am four months old).”

For the introduction of “Blackbird” Paul said, “Ahora estoy solo con vosotros totalmente solo.” (now I am totally alone with you.) He explained in English about the inspiration for the song — the 1960’s civil unrest in America. 

After “Every Night,” Paul said, “Oh muchas gracias Barcelona! (Thank you very much) and the crowd began to chant, “OHHHOO … OHHOOO,” And then Paul joined them singing “OOHHHOOO… OOHHOO” as he strummed his guitar.

Paul said to the man (dressed like a strongman) who carried the piano out, “Come muchos est… (He eats lots of…) Wait a minute! Esteroides! (steroids) It’s a joke in Spanish,” he added.

A Spanish newspaper commented that “A loose McCartney unfolded his peculiar domestic humor that once again punished his fans by reciting (in Spanish) Paul’s beloved but incomprehensible poem, ‘Tres conejos’ (Three rabbits) before a bemused crowd.”

After “The Fool on the Hill” Paul took his acoustic guitar and began to mumble “Besame,…besame mucho…” (kiss me…kiss me more…) The audience caught on and started a singalong of the Spanish language classic (originally written in Mexico), singing the first verse, which surprised Paul. People egged Paul on to sing the whole song. Paul played the song to it’s final chords and made silly faces (“no, no, … not that one..) as he showed his objection to performing the song all in good fun. He ended the song like the Beatles version in “Let It Be.”

Paul said in his intro to “Here Today,” “He escrito esto despues de la muerte de mi amigo John” (I wrote this after my friend John died). Before Paul started “Here Today” the audience began singing “Give Peace A Chance, with the addition of “no ala guerra” (no war). Paul strummed the chords of the song and sang some verses off mic.

He introduced “Something” for “Mi amigo George le gustaba el ukulele.. el ukulele. (My friend George liked the ukulele) He was a very good player of the ukulele. Yesta noche me gustaría tocar esta cancion para el.” (Tonight I’d like to play this song for you) At the end of the song, Paul did not play the ‘fast’ version of “Something” that he played in the US.

After “Eleanor Rigby” Paul said, “Oh, muchas gracias ESPAÑA y Barcelona…Barcelona.” (Thank you Spain and Barcelona).

During the show Paul had a mock ‘argument’ with someone in the audience that he pretended to reprimand. He pointed to that person and spoke gibberish in a high-pitched voice and pretended to be very annoyed. That brought laughter from the audience.

When Paul introduced “Michelle” a woman yelled out to Paul and he answered her back with a “Hi.” Then he said, “Ahora, venid con nostros a Francia.” (Now come with us to France)

Right after “Back in the USSR” the audience began to chant “ehh-ohh” again, and Paul mimicked them. Paul introduced Rusty in Spanish, “Os presento nuestro fantastico guitarrista Rusty Anderson!” (I present our fantastic guitarist to you…) Then Rusty brought out his Spanish to English pocket translator and said, “Hola Barcelona, como esta.. (Hello Barcelona, how are you?) My Spanish is pretty awful so I have a message I’m gonna play for you.” He spoke an English phrase into the translator and held it up to the microphone so the audience could hear the female robotic voice speaking in Spanish. “La banda quisiera agredercles por la calurosa bienvenida, y tambien a los que nos sorprendieron con sus cortos y sexys vestidos en la calle de la Ramblas.” (The band would like to thank you for the warm welcome and also to the ones who surprised us with their short and sexy dresses in Ramblas Street) That got a good laugh from the audience.

For “My Love” he said, “He escrito esto para Linda…y a esta nite es para todos los enamorados. (I wrote this for Linda and tonight this if for all the lovers) This is for you, you know who you are…”

The onstage teleprompters had Spanish on them so the band could speak Spanish if they wanted. In Barcelona there is a language called Catalan which is a regional Spanish and the telepromters had both the Catalan and the broader Spanish language on them. Paul and the band did not know the difference between the two languages resulting in a hodge-podge of the Spanish language.

Paul introduced Wix and said, “Ahora os presento mi pianista unico, Paul Wix Wickens!” (Now I’ll introduce my unique pianist…) Wix mentioned that the night before was his birthday and the audience started to sing “happy birthday” to him. Paul said, “We say to you.. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!” (Happy Birthday!)

For Brian’s introduction Paul said, “Y aqui esta el magnifico Brian Ray!”(And here is the magnificent…)

An audience favorite was “Live and Let Die” with the same exploding pyrotechnics as seen in America on the second leg. After the song Paul went through his usual pantomime of feigning fright, patting his heart with an expression of “too much for my heart” and leaning on the grand piano with his elbows with a big smile on his face to the audience’s delight. The crowd chanted “OLE´! OLE´! OLE´! OLE´!” and Paul answered back with an “OLE´- OLE´! OLE´- OLE´!”

For the “Hey Jude” introduction Paul said, “Cantad con nosotros.” (You sing with us) Paul exclaimed, “Solamente los hombres!” (just the men) and posed like a bodybuilder while the men sang the “nah-nah-nahs.” For the women he said, “Solamente las mujeres!” (just the women) and put one hand at the back of his head and the other on his moving hip imitating a female exotic dancer as the women sang. “Y todos juntos!” (Now everybody)

After “I Saw Her Standing There” and before the band left the stage, someone in the audience threw a Catalonian flag (Barcelona flag) onstage. Paul picked it up and waved it. The crowd went wild. The band left the stage and came back with Paul carrying a large Catalan flag and other band members carried Spanish flags. Wix waved a tiny British flag and walked in an exaggerated manner hopping up and down.

Right after “Yesterday” Paul said, “Ahora los tenemos que dejar.” (Now we have to leave). The crowd screamed “NooO!” Paul thanked the band in Spanish. “Y muchas gracias especialmente a mi fantastica banda.. pero sobre todo…VOSOTROS!” (And thank you very much especially to my fantastic band…and most of all …YOU!). Then he began “Sgt. Peppers/The End.”

When the concert finished, Paul walked across the stage and waved to the audience and said before he left, “Adiós, Barcelona” (Goodbye, Barcelona). 

From El Pais – Paul McCartney, durante un concierto en el Palau Sant Jordi, en Barcelona, en 2003. CARLES RIBAS

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Setlist for the soundcheck


All My Loving

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Played by the band prior to Paul's arrival


Getting Better

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Played by the band prior to Paul's arrival


Helter Skelter

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Played by the band prior to Paul's arrival





Written by Paul McCartney


Two of Us

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Setlist for the concert








Foxy Lady

Written by Jimi Hendrix




Written by Lennon - McCartney










Written by Lennon - McCartney



Written by Lennon - McCartney


Let It Be

Written by Lennon - McCartney


Hey Jude

Written by Lennon - McCartney





Second Encore



Written by Lennon - McCartney


The End

Written by Lennon - McCartney

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