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Vancouver 2016 Second Show

By Paul McCartneyUnofficial live • Part of the collection “Paul McCartney solo work by Piccadilly Circus


  • Publisher: Piccadilly Circus
  • Reference: PCCD-254/255/256

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  1. Medley

    1. Golden Slumbers

      Written by Lennon - McCartney

      Live • Medley with "Carry That Weight","The End"

      Concert From the concert in Vancouver, Canada on Apr 20, 2016

    2. Carry That Weight

      Written by Lennon - McCartney

      Live • Medley with "Golden Slumbers","The End"

      Concert From the concert in Vancouver, Canada on Apr 20, 2016

    3. The End

      Written by Lennon - McCartney

      Live • Medley with "Golden Slumbers","Carry That Weight"

      Concert From the concert in Vancouver, Canada on Apr 20, 2016

From Paul McCartney / Vancouver 2016 Second Show / 3CD Wx OBI Strip – GiGinJapan:

■ latest tour 2016 on April 20, complete recording of the Vancouver.
■ the premiere “A Hard Days Night,” “Love Me de”
■ arrangements of different piano Hikigatari “Hiazea”, “I Want Sea Mi -” by acoustic guitar
“Dream travelers” of ■ and followed by a bagpipe band of Vancouver only
■ complete recording from revamped curtain before the DJ sampling music
■ original sound source of the front row recording not been around at all even between net and trade

Paul McCartney has been started in 2016. Tour name from April also revised and the new “one-on-one tour”, South America from North America, and North America and again through Europe, it was announced the tour over 5 months. Schedule is a new tour of the scale you do not think the elderly greet all 32 performances, 74-year-old birthday during the tour starting in 2016 April 13, Fresno, CA. Initially made to the announcement event starring earlier in Europe, it became a form that evolved to then around the North American tour. Although before the tour had boasted as “to show off the new set list that you have never ever played” in an interview, while like to say the same thing in front of the OUT THERE tour if you, of significant set list modification was due to the Do not was not to paranoia. Speaking from the conclusion, although there was no what still significant changes, there is “old new song”, as Paul says, with or different arrangements in songs that were played in the past, has become in recent years rarely seen full contents of the concert.

Attention of the first day of Fresno performances have been carried out in the morning of April 14 in Japan time. Among the set list is transmitted in real time, attention of the opening was “A Hard Days Night”. From the intro of that impressive Ja-down, it slowly moment that Paul begins to sing, was remember the feeling of goose bumps. Arrange that in the Beatles part that John was singing also sing Paul, Rusty and Brian adds a chorus. Surprisingly uncomfortable feeling not, deprived of mind to play Ruru overflowing dash feeling of Beatles era just like. Even a strong number of John color, such as “Please Please Me” in 2005 in the past, had been decorated with arrangements to listen as the songs of neatly Paul, also it has a great degree of perfection this time. Especially in the studio version as possible to sing at the original key in part from taking the solo vocal and pop out Paul “Wenaanho-down” enthusiastically. Of course, there are some places difficult to vocalization, the but Effort Award it is difficult to put a point, also high songs such degree of difficulty, the Beatles era tri-alone to a song that has been sung by John and two people, 50 years listen and is again live through the time of, it is full of think you want to receive a letter of appreciation rather than a point.

Wings era is revived in 1976, and since reprized in 2010, “wine of color girl” who had deviated from for a while set list this time. Impressive guitar, massive chorus work, dense performance can be said to be completely surpassed the Wings era. And “Temporary Secretary” that have been debuted in the previous year remains intact. And is this also after a long time of the resurrection, “I’ve Got A Feeling”. In 2004, but Rusty had served as the understudy of John, it has followed its configuration as well this time.

One of the first half of the highlights would be “Here There And Everywhere”. Is a classic that has been played on stage at a considerable frequency is also up to now, were all played by acoustic guitar. This time is what What Hiazea by piano playing talking. While unpredictable what will begin with Pororon and piano intro, it will be surprised and Paul begins to sing that melody. No way is to play on the piano playing talking. Moreover, when the pole after the Beatles disbanded sing this song, but I the onset lyrics of was singing always changed with the “I need my love of my own”, for the first time the original street this time, “I need my love to be here.” brand new place that are singing. Looking at the movies Broad Street, I think the only personally felt that Do bad fits in the “I need my love of my own”, whether is was not a correct answer that you have returned to the lyrics of this original street. And this song multi-layered chorus, such as if they were aware of the Beach Boys was Uri, it is notable also for singing in almost solo vocals. Of course, I thin Tsu even as the chorus of “U ~” has entered, but only it is Kuwaerae really even effective sound manner Tsu thin, not too much to say that Paul’s solo through nearly the whole volume . If anything is single the atmosphere, such as the outtakes of the coupling of “realistic Love”. I’m sure is in the pole of the head there must have been outtakes at the time of that anthology.

Another, that was revived after a long time in the set list is “In Spite Of All Danger”. Is only to arrange a simple song by acoustic I thought that there is no great difference and during 2004 and 2005, for the first time how this time, Penpepen in the interlude in the same way as the original version of the anthology recording, also has been reproduced until the guitar solo that Pepeng there.

In addition will be a symbol of the new tour song of this is the “You Will not See Me”. Beatles era not to play in the live, is a song that has been played only a short period of time for the first time the European tour made in 2004. That time was a performance of the complete copy of the Beatles in the band. Turn from there this time, was a performance by acoustic guitar. Simple first half by the acoustic guitar of Paul and a configuration in which the song goes raised gradually adds chorus climax, if you write that the conspicuous accordion of Wicks, or not than you are able to imagine what kind of arrangement about. No matter how much change the arrangement, no, it can be said that such a simple arrangement of only the beauty of the melody sounds stand out rather. Just no doubt it is attacked for the first time acoustic guitar version of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” excitement, such as listening to.

2016 Bowie and Glenn Frey, such as Keith Emerson and Prince, will a lot of important figures of the rock world is stored as the year went to a miracle, but one of among them is George Martin. For the young Beatles music tastes were sparse, as an adult, also have built together the work of the Beatles while both the studio work as a professional producer, passed away last year. Was a large death of 90-year-old in 1926 was born. Rather than the work of the Beatles at the level of “support it has,” just “has been created”, which is a co-author. Will there was a place where of course Paul also sake, as a tribute to George Martin, it was to play the Beatles debut song that becomes a premiere “Love Me de” from becoming this time solo. Harmonica is played is Wicks. After the play is telling memories with George Martin at the time of recording this debut song. John was supposed to sing suddenly Paul a part of the “Love Mi ~ de ~” To charge of the harmonica, and return listening to the record, … The Beatles that it can be seen that are trembling voice with too much tension there is a famous episode in the legend, but there is also emotional because hear again it directly from the person’s mouth.

Also of interest is the “Fool On The Hill”. There is a trivial matter, but the ending is, and has a arrangement that ends this also in the piano phrase, such as the outtakes that had been recorded in the anthology.

Speaking of Canada promise of the “dream of the traveler,” it has also been played this time. Canada and Glasgow and a rare Liverpool, a special song that will showcase only in cities where there are bagpipe band in the local is the “dream of the traveler.” While music might not make sense to the Japanese because it is not a lock, the sound of bagpipes for the British are regarded as special invites nostalgia. When the orchestra dressed himself in the Scottish outfit has appeared on the stage to march while playing a unique that sound that Puwaa-circular is a big climax.

This time, the one-on-one tour schedule is basically like each city 1 performances scheduled in principle has been assembled, only this Vancouver and Minneapolis performances in North America, in the same city at the same venue and it has a continuous performance. This work is a concert of the second day from the continuous performance in the Vancouver complete recording. In should be noted that before the curtain BGM, but are prepared special things in the past of the songs of Paul every time has been sampled, but this time there is also the fact that the tour was formal, used an entirely new curtain before music is are you. Is a maniac part, I want you to pay attention to such a place.

If you listen to the sound samples so that you can understand in a moment, the best thing that can be considered should be called a truly record of 2016 as sound quality. Not been around at all even between on and trade net, is a completely original sound source of the arena the front row. It will be a variety of titles future is released from the latest tour, but one-on-one tour as long as there is no change even fine on the set list would this Vancouver continuous performance is Ketteiban. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.

Paul McCartney writing

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