Paris Bercy 1993


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Oh Mama

Written by Paul McCartney

6:26 • Soundcheck

Concert From the concert in Paris, France on Oct 13, 1993




Written by Carl Perkins

3:47 • Soundcheck

Concert From the concert in Paris, France on Oct 13, 1993



2:15 • Soundcheck

Concert From the concert in Paris, France on Oct 13, 1993



Written by George Gershwin

8:17 • Soundcheck

Concert From the concert in Paris, France on Oct 13, 1993


From giginjapan:

■ October 13, 1993 Completely recorded Paris performances with high sound quality
■ Sound check before the concert was also included.

Paul McCartney ‘s 1970s was a ten year that went through as a wings, and in sales it was a fruitful era that had a success exceeding the Beatles. The dark clouds started on being arrested in Japan in January 1980. This causes the wings to collapse, and by the end of the same year John Lennon collapses into a brawl, Paul will fall from the front line. Almost the 80s overlapping with the age of Paul’s age does not stand on the stage almost, but the studio work is also not appealing. It was hard to say that the movie making with willingness was also evaluated, and it can be said that the 1980s when the light pop songs and bright hard rock became popular was a period of sluggishness for Paul. Fortunately Paul has numerous hit songs in the past. Moreover, there are music of the Beatles era that there is no doubt that Uke will do well if it plays almost untouched at the stage. It is natural nature to reach the conclusion that it is still a stage to overcome this sluggishness. It was during the period from 1989 to 1990 that the tour for the first time in ten years accompanying the new work “Flowers In The Dirt” at that time was done.

The so-called “GET BACK TOUR” is the first tour in ten years, the fact that many songs that have never played before has been included in the set list become topics and it will be a huge success in various places. There are many people who saw the Tokyo Dome performance realized in Japan even though it seemed impossible to come to Japan from previous school. Paul who felt the response with this tour recorded with a live format focusing on tour members. That is “Off The Ground”. Along with this album released in 1993, I announce that I will go on tour again following the previous success. A new world tour – “THE NEW WORLD TOUR”. There are many stocks of any songs. There are things that have never been played in the songs of the Beatles era. Above all, the new album “Off The Ground” was a wonderful achievement.

THE NEW WORLD TOUR started in Milan in February 1993, spending nearly a year until December of this year, it was a long time of 77 performances. It was this year that the second Japan tour was held, and it was memorable that what was done at the Fukuoka Dome for the first time in addition to the Tokyo Dome. The set list also became a new thing which was greatly changed, and it is very much to hear. The opening is “Drive My Car” which will be the live premiere at this time. It was fresh that Paul is singing everything that John originally sings alone. Various compositions such as “Good Rockin ‘Tonight” cover song, Paul sitting on the drum and the guitar’s Heimish taking vocals “Is not No Sunshine”, feels a remnant of the Wings’ era that conscious of “band show” . I was not able to imagine that it would be an official set list on stage, but “I Lost My Little Girl” and “SGT. Pepper’s” were played in arrangements connected with Reprise and medley on the last tour, Has been done.

What is more noteworthy is that many songs of the new album are being played. It was an album with many songs made on the premise of playing live originally, but six songs have been selected. “Looking For Changes” appeared in the early stage and connects the vigorous flow to “Jet”. In the actual stage along the theme of the song, an image criticizing the inexperience of animal experiments was projected on the screen. “Peace In The Neighborhood” can not be said to be suitable for live shows, but Paul likes touring tours and is included in the set list. The title song “Off The Ground” of the album is to be played with “Iko Iko” and medley in the latter half of the tour. “Hope Of Deliverance” is the first single song that became the theme song of a TV program in Japan. “Biker Like An Icon” full of speed will be remembered as a highlight of the stage. A church picture is projected on the screen, and a dense world involving hard guitar is developed.

And whatever you say, the white eyebrow is “C’mon People”. As shown in the photo of the back jacket, I sit on a piano set diagonally for easy viewing from the audience, and reproduce the magnificent songs of the last album on stage. It is a wasteful masterpiece that it starts with a rigid piano and gradually rises, and the second half with a distinctive rhythm, only playing on this tour. It is unusual for Paul to whistle toward Mike. Indeed the impression of THE NEW WORLD TOUR may be represented by this one song. “C’mon People” is a masterpiece of the age. It is only this tour that you can listen to that live version.

This work, from such such NEW WORLD TOUR, recorded the performance in Paris on October 13, 1993 with high sound quality. Especially the characteristic of this day will be “Penny Lane”. Although it is good that the performance began, although songs progress normally at first, the composition of the songs will be inconsistent between the pole and the band on the way. In such a case, Paul will return to the mouth while continuing to play, but this time I judged that it is no longer possible to fix it, I will stop playing “Mistaken! Mengo Mgo!” There are many times I tried again by mistaking the intro, but it is a very rare case to repartition at the stage where the performance has advanced considerably like this.

Disc 3 contains sound checks before the concert of this day. Nowadays the VIP package that became a set with good seats tickets became common, but it was not yet standardized in 1993. In Japan, sound check / tickets were released under the name of LIPA ‘s donation collection, but this seems to be a sign of the current VIP package. It is a package that you can enjoy performance in Paris with the sound check on the same day as the main part of the concert.

October 13, 1993 Completely recorded Paris performances with high sound quality. And it is a 3-disc set which also recorded the sound check before the concert the same day. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press.

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