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ConcertBy Paul McCartney • Part of the Mexico leg of the Got Back Tour

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From, August 23, 2023:

Paul has announced the highly anticipated GOT BACK Tour, set to grace Mexico City with an amazing concert at the emblematic Foro Sol, the first Mexican date in six years. The show is scheduled for November 14, when fans can expect an unforgettable experience as Paul and his band deliver a once-in-a-lifetime event in the country.

The GOT BACK Tour kicked off on April 28, 2022, in Spokane, WA, with resounding success, captivating audiences with a 13-city run throughout the US. In June 2022, the music icon headlined Glastonbury with a history-making set that was described by the British Times as the “best gig ever”. This year, Paul will embark on a thrilling journey to Australia where he will have an emotional return to Adelaide, besides visiting cities such as Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney and more. Now, Mexican fans will have the opportunity to witness Paul’s incredible live performance, making it his first live show in the country since 2017, when he gave an outstanding concert at Estadio Azteca.

I’m very excited to say I’m coming to Mexico to play some gigs with my Got Back tour in November. I’ve got such great memories of Mexico. Every time we come we have a beautiful time. So we’re going to make some more great memories. We’re going to rock, we’re going to roll. And we’re going to have a party. Fiesta!

Paul McCartney – From, August 23, 2023

Los Mexicanos son los mejores! What a night!

Paul McCartney – From Paul McCartney (@PaulMcCartney) / X (, November 15, 2023

From Paul McCartney, February 13, 2024:

It was the best possible start to our time in Mexico: touching down in Mexico City to the news that ‘Now and Then’ was Number One. A record-breaking feat (marking the longest ever gap between chart-topping singles by one act), it was for everyone a poignant and fitting finale to The Beatles’ recording career. 

I’d been at home as the buzz around the single took hold around the world, listening as radio DJs still marvelled at its existence, and watching as Tik-Tokers really took to the ‘Now and Then’ theme. It was so exciting to see the song being embraced, loved, and celebrated. We’d all had high hopes, but this news was unbelievable. 

As a new global wave of Beatlemania spread, Mexico fully entered into the spirit of things. The country was already eagerly anticipating Paul’s return, having not played a show there since 2017, but the joy and gratitude surrounding The Beatles’ swan song had raised excitement levels to fever pitch. It was clear to see, amid the billowing banners, blankets of posters, non-stop TV coverage, and with #paulmccartney trending here on socials, that Maccamania was in full effect. His visit was a national occasion.

“McCartney makes explosive comeback.” – El Universal, November 2023

A giant replica of the ‘Now and Then’ cassette was making its way around Mexico City while we were there, becoming a social media star in its own right as fans attempted to track it down for photo opportunities. Elsewhere, red and blue buses – representing the two new remixed editions of The Beatles’ 1962-1966/1967-1970 compilations – were also spotted on the move. Perhaps they were on a Mexican Mystery Tour?

But it was the Mexican fans themselves who truly personified the hysteria and adoration that Paul commands wherever he goes. The energy and passion of his devoted following is palpable, and always makes for a special experience. Here in Mexico City, they lined the streets outside our hotel, screaming his name, singing his songs, and being an ever-present source of encouragement and positivity. Despite Paul receiving this reaction many times over many years in many places, I can assure you that it’s not taken for granted for a single second. We were all overawed. 

“McCartney continues to write history as a genius of the 20th and 21st centuries.” – Reforma, November 2023

Sixty-thousand fans packed each of Paul’s two nights at Foro Sol. Every single one of them cheered when Paul spoke Spanish to them, saying hello and acknowledging the language barrier. It was a conscious effort on Paul’s part to ensure he could connect so directly with his audience – what they wouldn’t have known was that before the show, Paul had spent an hour taking a language lesson to get the words right, which meant he’d had to cut back on his daily dose of Family Feud!

The sacrifice was of course worth it: the crowd’s reaction to Paul’s linguistic skills was mighty and euphoric. Not many artists make the effort to communicate so personally with their audiences, but for Paul it is a natural instinct.

“He is capable of making everyone sing,” Reforma reported after the first night, in which Paul kept the Mexicans accompanying him vocally through a string of solo, Wings and Beatles hits – the Quarrymen tune ‘In Spite Of All The Danger’ , which was the first song recorded by what would become The Beatles, sounded so much more meaningful now, serving as an emotional contrast to the last song they recorded, which was so prevalent at this time.

“It was a show of nostalgia, overflowing energy and a sign that classics never go out of style.” – La Razon, November 2023

Something that I love to see while on tour with Paul is the new generations of fans coming to his shows. It’s not just young people coming to see Paul, it’s young people coming to see Paul with their parents, or even their grandparents, and having such a great time. The music connects them – it connects everybody – despite each song having a different meaning or significance to everyone. I also love those who make an effort when they come to a Paul McCartney concert. The Mexicans didn’t let me down – it was great to see a bunch of them dressed in the full Sgt Pepper uniforms, and turning the event into a real party.

Talking of parties, after the first show in Mexico – as if we were not on a maximum high already – Paul hosted a birthday party for his wife, Nancy, back at the hotel. Lots of their friends and family had flown in for the special occasion. The drinks were flowing and there was lots of dancing, laughing and smiling. A very late but enjoyable evening was had. Paul even made a lovely speech to Nancy – it was a very romantic moment, but to share anything else wouldn’t be fair!

Ahead of the second show and just an hour before greeting his 60,000 friends for round two, Paul took 20 minutes to conduct a Zoom interview for ‘Conversa Com Bial (Talk With Bial)’, a late-night national chat show with presenter Pedro Bial, to talk about his forthcoming biggest Brazilian tour to date. Paul was quick to celebrate the music and people of Brazil, and it was cool to hear about Lizzie Bravo, the Brazilian fan who in 1968 was invited into Abbey Road Studios to sing with The Beatles on ‘Across The Universe’. 

There was also a new face present backstage in Mexico – well, almost a face…! Paul’s label in Mexico, Universal Music Mexico, awarded him a magnificent handmade painted skull in recognition of landmark solo sales achievements in the country (achievements including Band on the Run going platinum, ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ going gold, and ‘Say, Say, Say’going 4 times platinum and gold). A stunning work of art, it was decorated with amazing vivid colours, with piercing yellow eyes and a broad grin full of shiny white teeth. Paul was very proud of the trophy, and displayed it in his dressing room for all to see. I’ll need to ask him if he’s named it yet!

“There is something to thank Paul McCartney for this show at Foro Sol: remaining that tireless idol, that legend who loves music and who has marked – as cliché as it may sound – so many generations over time.” – Sopitas, November 2023

I’m often asked what my favourite Paul show is. Well, I don’t have an answer for that, because it’s like being asked what your favourite song is. Sure, there are some standout moments, but generally each show is a different occasion. However, a very powerful memory that I have is of Zócalo Square, Mexico City, in 2012. It was epic.

I remember the sound of the audience. I remember the floor vibrating. I wondered how you could ever top this for a Mexican live experience. But, as I sat watching and singing along with 60,000 people on the 16th November, I had an equally brilliant experience. A different memory, but still incredible. We often joke in the crew that we get once-in-a-lifetime-memories at least once a week working with Paul, but when I think about it, it’s actually not really a joke. It’s the truth!

“Few things in the world are eternal, Sir Paul McCartney is one of them.” – Excelsior, November 2023

Stuart Bell – Paul McCartney’s UK publicist
From Paul McCartney (@PaulMcCartney) / X (
From Paul McCartney (@PaulMcCartney) / X (
From Hot City Horns (@hotcityhorns) | Instagram profile – Foro Sol, Mexico City 🇲🇽 – Rehearsal 13th November 2023 @kenjifenton #paulmccartney #gotbacktour #rehearsal #hotcityhorns #mexicocity

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Setlist for the soundcheck





Written by Carl Perkins






Ram On

Written by Paul McCartney



Written by Paul McCartney


Setlist for the concert





Foxy Lady

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Love Me Do

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Written by Lennon - McCartney




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Get Back

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Let It Be

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Hey Jude

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The End

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