Tokyo Dome April 27 2017

Piccadilly Circus

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Golden Slumbers

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Carry That Weight","The End"

Concert From the concert in Tokyo, Japan on Apr 27, 2017


Carry That Weight

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Golden Slumbers","The End"

Concert From the concert in Tokyo, Japan on Apr 27, 2017


The End

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Golden Slumbers","Carry That Weight"

Concert From the concert in Tokyo, Japan on Apr 27, 2017

Disc 3






Tokyo Dome Jam






Paul's Greeting


From giginjapan:

■ April 27, 2017 Completely recorded the first day of Tokyo Dome performance at the front row recording
■ Complete the VIP sound check sound source of the day
■ “Birthday” the only show in 2017 in Japan

Paul was Japan’s first experience of visiting Japan as the Beatles in 1966. After that, in 1975 he was announced as Wings, but due to preliminary examination the entry permission did not go down and was canceled. He returned to Japan again in 1980, but forced return without playing. And the first solo performance was in 1990, for the first time in 24 years. Although I will come to Japan again in 1993, next time I had to wait 9 years until 2002. And the memorable new year ‘s performance in 2013 was another nine years later. Speaking of Paul’s visit to Japan in this way, it should have been a very rare experience to be memorized in connection with that era, that moment.

However, rumors rumored that we will come back to Japan a couple of years after the excitement of the 2013 tour in Japan. I was surprised because it was true that I thought it was originally Gaseta. This performance in 2014 will be canceled due to poor physical condition, but I came again in 2015 to fulfill the contract. It is said to come to Japan in 2017 which will be the first time in two years. Paul’s arrival in Japan will no longer be a rare experience, but as part of the world tour, it will be incorporated into Paul’s routines in the US, Europe and Japan.

In 2016, Paul enters a tour entitled “ONE ON ONE TOUR” for a new tour title. Paul was born in the prewar Showa 17th year, it is the late elderly who will be 75 years old in 2017. How long can we go to the tour after this? Perhaps not physically or age-old, such a large-scale tour will not be done in 5 years. And is not that self-awareness also in person himself? So, it is not an impatience to keep staging on the stage as much as possible so that there is no regrets, but I am thinking about closing such a life. For fans who have experienced the 1980’s when Paul is not on tour at all, he must be looking at Paul who is doing the annual tour as it is unbelievable.

The ONE ON ONE tour that began in 2016 has entered the second year. And on the New Year ‘s Eve 2016, the Japanese performance was announced in the form of sending a message to the Red and White Singing Battle. This is not only the first Japanese tour as ONE ON ONE, but also that Japan was chosen as the site of the first concert in 2017. It was told from the mouth that he was rehearsing for this Japanese performance again, the year changed, the new ONE ON ONE tour was expected, the announcement was in Japan. Initially, three performances were announced at the Tokyo Dome, after which the Budokan was announced again. Personally, I believe that Budokan is worth it to be once only, but as far as the fans are concerned, the number of performances will increase. The schedule of Paul’s visit to Japan in 2017 is as follows.

April 25, 2017 Nippon Budokan
Tokyo Dome April 27, 2017
Tokyo Dome April 29, 2017
Tokyo Dome April 30, 2017

Although it is worrisome that the number of performances decreases every year whenever you visit Japan every year, there are parts told by the tone of “Do you come again?” For other enthusiastic fans, which may be unavoidable . Especially the two previous tours in Japan are the same OUT THERE tour, and I still understand what has been received like that. However, this time it is a tour to Japan that changed tours and titles newly. Of course there was also a change in the set list, and attention was focused on the song unique to the ONE ON ONE tour that I could not listen to until now. This work contains the Tokyo Dome performance on 27th April, the second day of the performance in Japan in 2017.

Budokan performance on the first day was a special set list as well as 2015 due to the time limit of the venue, but it was a shortened compact show in time. However, the Tokyo Dome performance is a full set concert as well as the ONE ON ONE tour in Europe and the US the previous year. Of course it is the latest set list of Paul in 2017 different from 2016. The show opens with “A Hard Day’s Night”, the biggest feature of the ONE ON ONE tour. In the original, Paul also sings the part that John was singing. And the album “NEW” also felt old, “Save Us” which had long been sitting in the 2nd song was cut and “Junior’s Farm” of the Wings era was adopted. This song is a song that Paul likes occasionally playing since it was played for the first time in 36 years in 2011. “Letting Go” of the same wings is also played as a highlight of the beginning of the concert. “Temporary Secretary” was the song of “McCartney II” recorded for the first time in the European tour since the last show in Japan in 2015, but it was the first show of Japanese fans here.

Every time I look at the tour’s set list, I feel that Paul loves “Let Me Roll It”. Although it is a relatively long song, it was also played at the short set Budokan, which is a classic on the stage of Paul. In addition, this time I’ve been playing the same line “I’ve Got A Feeling” continuously. Will this place be a glimpse of Paul’s insistence?

In the acoustic corner, “In Spite Of All Danger” which had never been played for a while since the tour in 2004 and 2005 is eye-catching. Last year, as for “Love Me Do” played after George Martin’s remembrance was told, the meaning of memorial has also been diminished and it is being played as a song in the Beatles era as usual. Wix is ​​in charge of that impressive harmonica. And we are glad that the “You Will not See Me” omitted at the Budokan was successfully shown at Tokyo Dome. It was a very rare song only played on the short-term European tour of the summer of 2004 without playing live in the Beatles era. Moreover, it was a performance in the electric set in 2004, but this time it is being played as one song in the acoustic set by changing the arrangement. Because the intro is different from the original, the place where the audience gets boiled after the lyrics have started and turned out to be “that song” is interesting.

After the acoustic corner, Paul sits on a psychedelic painted magic piano. “Queenie Eye” and “New” are played here, but eventually only from these two songs from the album “NEW”, the meaning of album promotion is considerably diluted. “The Fool On The Hill” also enters the set list for the first time in a long while. For Japanese fans, it will be familiar with being played even in the beginning of 1990. In that case, the pastor of King Pastor was sampled, but this time it is noteworthy that it adopts the same ending as an outsider of anthology.

“I Wanna Be Your Man” became “Japan’s first public release” at the Budokan in the day before yesterday was also played at Tokyo Dome. Nationwide tours of the summer were announced before and after the performance in Japan, but there would be continuing this “want to become a boyfriend” on the set list there as well. Likewise, “SGT. Pepper’s Reprise” has also been moved to the encore and played. And the first time as ONE ON ONE tour was “Birthday” in Angkor. I asked, “Is there anybody who’s birthdays today in the venue?” Then, on this day, an explanation is given that Tom of the tour staff is birthday. In addition, Paul says “This is an old song for anybody who has the birthday this year” and a geeky girl. It is “everyone who has a birthday this year” to play for everyone in the venue. I thought that English joke does not make sense, the reaction is in a song with it being incompatible.

Disc 3 fully records the public sound check for VIP ticket purchasers made before the concert. Every time it is extremely popular because it will entertains with a set list unique to sound checks that will not be played in the main part of the concert, and the purchase right was allocated by lottery this time as well. Following the tuning, at first jams are played by all the bands, with a light meaning of sound generation. Paul is singing the lyrics of “Let’s Rock Tomorrow Tokyo Dome” in an ad lib. It would be Paul ‘s service that makes a call to the place name where the concert is done in this way. Although it was played at the Budokan, the “Dome My Car” and “Everynight” cut at the Tokyo Dome are being played. “Coming Up” has not been played on the actual stage for a long time, and it seems to have been demoted to a song for sound check. And Little Richard ‘s cover “Miss Ann” is playing here as well. It may be My boom of Paul. Every time, the sound check ends with “Lady Madonna”, but this time an intro that adds humming to the song is added. Although it is similar to the song of lyrics called massage in 2002, it is a new song that I listened to at all. And after the performance I play songs that will be played at the wedding ceremony in ad lib.

Paul · McCartney from the performance in Japan in 2017, Japanese performance on the second day April 27 The Tokyo Dome performance is fully recorded with the highest sound quality by the front row recording. ONE ON ONE It is a full set concert with Japan’s first landing. A number of titles will probably be released from the performance in Japan in 2017, which will probably be hazy in front of Piccadilly Circus Label who has been pursuing Paul’s latest tour over the years. Even if I listen to various other titles, I will eventually return to Piccadilly Circus Label, I wonder if such experiences are also being titled in the past in Japan tours. I would like you to trust the achievements we’ve accumulated over the years as a special label. I am convinced that the choice is the best choice by label pride. In recent years when equipment has developed, it is possible for amateurs to record with some quality, but I want them to enjoy professional work in this work only because it is such times. Professional work. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board. Japanese-style attaching.


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