Tokyo • Wednesday, October 31, 2018

ConcertBy Paul McCartney • Part of the Asian leg of the Freshen Up Tour
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Tokyo Dome

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From JapanToday, October 30, 2018:

Paul McCartney arrived in Japan on Monday to perform four concerts. The 76-year-old former Beatle arrived aboard a private jet with his wife Nancy Shevell, 58, at 7 p.m. at Tokyo’s Haneda airport for his 7th tour of Japan. About 500 fans were on hand to greet him. […] About 135,000 fans are expected to attend the four concerts.

October 29, 2018 – Paul & Nancy at Haneda Airport in Tokio, Japan.
From 2018 – Round Up | – Paul and Nancy arrive at Tokyo International Airport for the Japanese leg of the Freshen Up tour. October 2018.

From Twitter – Halloween in Japan!

From For Whom The Bell Tells, February 8, 2019:

Monday 29th October – Tokyo, Japan

Japan has long had a special place in Paul’s heart and each new trip feels like visiting an old friend, while still never leaving the excitement and other-worldliness that any first-time visitor experiences. The sights, the sounds, the atmosphere, the warmth and the respect never fail to make an impression – to me and more importantly Paul. We can say, with an element of justification, that it feels like we have never been away, because it is a mere 18 months since the last series of dates over here. Yet somehow it feels like the excitement levels are ramped up even higher (and believe me, that 2017 visit was hard to beat). Paul’s fans have a level of devotion it is hard to quantify and they are astonishing all over the world. But the reception that greets us at Haneda Airport as we touch down today really takes some beating. 

The local team had warned us in advance that the airport authorities had some concerns about the sheer volume of fans who were likely to turn up (in terms of both numbers AND decibels) at the airport. Their worries are, of course, well-founded. More people have come out to see him than ever before! The screaming, the tears, the joy … everything – it is all here on display. 

As Paul and Nancy walk through the doors which bring them into the arrivals area resplendent in traditional Japanese Happi coats (within hours The Sun will run a rather sharp headline saying “Kimono-wear man” to accompany their pics – get it?!?), it’s a reaction which will long be etched into my memory. Instant mania. But for a man who has prompted frenzied scenes for much of his life, Paul is not taking any of this for granted and continues to be excited by the reaction. He is just as excited himself and, if anything, he seems to spend more time than usual pressing the flesh with the overjoyed fans.

With my PR hat on it is a job well done. Back in my hotel room a few hours later channel-hopping through the evening news programmes, I find Paul is everywhere.

Tuesday 30th October

Anyone familiar with these blogs will know that Paul’s hectic schedules on tour involve quite a commitment to media duties. Today Paul is speaking to the cool Japanese cultural site Cinra.netwith a wide-ranging chat taking in not only Paul’s latest album Egypt Station but the new edition of The Beatles’ “White Album” 50 years after its initial release, ageing, family and the diminishing of compassion in the world as some countries lurch to the right (the “pendulum” will swing back again though, Paul believes, as people once again embrace liberal values).

Paul completes this media duty after a couple of hours’ rehearsal in the massive Tokyo Dome which seems even more colossal when empty. It reminds me of Paul’s tour rehearsals in 2004 in London’s huge Millennium Dome (before the O2 and various entertainment attractions were built into it). Personally, I’m very excited to hear the Egypt Station tracks taking form live. ‘I Don’t Know’is in the process of being worked out on stage (and in coming weeks will become a soundcheck regular).

It’s always funny watching these rehearsals as, wherever we are in the world, the professional venue staff and security teams are clearly fighting every urge to pull out their cell phones to capture a memory. Often you see them forgetting their duties as they start singing along, becoming completely lost in the moment. And I have to admit, we all do it.

Wednesday 31st October – Tokyo Dome

The first show is upon us. The long road leading to the Dome is lined with fans and they appear to stretch for miles! Their outfits and the signs they are holding represent every stage of Paul’s career. From mop top haircuts to Sgt Pepper outfits, from Wings-style sequin jackets to Newman the Robot (from his ‘Appreciate’video) …. some fans have made denim jackets to match the jackets Paul has started wearing on this tour with Egypt Station logos. The devotion and adoration is incredible and as Paul’s car rolls by this afternoon, the faithful are rewarded as Paul winds down the window and waves. He is so touched, and awed, by the reception that he even shoots some footage as he rolls past the fans. (Later in the week I receive a text from Paul while I am out for a run and it contains the clip. It looks mega so I ask if I can post to his social media – shortly afterwards I receive a smile face. A little-known fact about Paul – he is the master of emojis when text messaging! You can check out the footage on his Instagram account).

And so to the show. As a special moment for the Japanese audience – before the band launch into ‘Come On To Me’ – Paul and the guys perform the “Ichiban” section from ‘Back In Brazil’… and the crowd go wild!

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Tokyo Dome

This was the 24th concert played at Tokyo Dome.

A total of 25 concerts have been played there • 1990Mar 1stMar 2ndMar 3rdMar 5thMar 7thMar 9thMar 11thMar 13th1993Nov 12thNov 14thNov 15th2002Nov 11thNov 13thNov 14th2013Nov 18thNov 19thNov 21st2015Apr 23rdApr 25thApr 27th2017Apr 27thApr 29thApr 30th2018Oct 31stNov 1st

Setlist for the soundcheck




Massage Song

Setlist for the concert




Foxy Lady

Written by Jimi Hendrix







The End

Written by Lennon - McCartney


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