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Tuesday, October 24, 2023


Concert • By Paul McCartney • Part of the Australian leg of the Got Back Tour

Last updated on December 21, 2023


  • Country: Australia
  • City: Newcastle
  • Location: McDonald Jones Stadium


  • Location: McDonald Jones Stadium


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On this day, Paul McCartney and his band were in Newcastle, New South Wales, to perform the third show of their seven-concert Australian leg of the “Got Back” tour. This was Paul’s first-ever concert in the city. During his downtime, he visited a new mural on Hunter Street that featured replicas of his song titles and albums.

On October 24th, we were in Newcastle, and I found myself on a secret mission downtown. It was just after 3pm on a beautiful and hot sunny day when I sneaked down a back alley, where the walls were covered in graffiti and the ground was strewn with glass, for a special rendezvous. Lurking in a doorway was a man with baseball cap pulled down over his eyes. I cautiously approached him. “Mitch?” I asked. The man looked up and flashed a beaming smile.

Thus was my introduction to Mitch Revs, a brilliant and popular Newcastle artist who’d painted an incredible 160sq/m mural on the side of a building on Hunter Street in honour of Paul’s visit to the city. It celebrated Paul’s music and career in vivid technicolour, referencing songs ‘Band On The Run’, ‘Penny Lane’, ‘Say Say Say’ and ‘Yellow Submarine’ in stunning cartoons. I’d read about the mural and wanted to do a bit of recon and check out the surroundings, as I’d heard that someone else was interested in coming down and checking it out…

Sure enough, just after 4.20pm, a car pulled up on the busy street, and out stepped Paul to see for himself Mitch’s awesome work. Paul was visibly impressed by the colourful tribute, and since Mitch knew that Paul was a keen painter himself, he presented Paul with some paint and brushes and invited him to add his own stamp to the mural. Paul drew a couple of smiling faces and even signed his initials by them. By now, of course, a crowd had gathered on the street, as incredulous Novacastrians raced over to see Paul, who was more than happy to stop and chat in the sun. After numerous selfies and countless handshakes, Paul resumed his journey to the McDonald Jones Stadium, where he’d raise the rafters that night.

Stuart Bell – Paul’s UK publicist – From Paul McCartney | News | For Whom The Bell Tells: ‘GOT BACK’ Australia Tour 2023, December 20, 2023

Meeting Paul was honestly so surreal. I have always admired his career, not just as a musician but also an artist. The fact that he took the time to come past, say hello and add some finishing touches shows the kind of person he is (not to mention it was on the way to play his show.) He was so damn cool and casual about it all too. I am forever grateful.

Mitch Revs – From PerthNow, October 25, 2023

From Daily Mail Online, October 24, 2023:

[…] Ahead of the one-off show local artist Mitch Revs paid tribute to McCartney by painting a 160 square-foot mural of the British star on the city’s Hunter Street. 

And it was given an unexpected seal of approval by the man himself after McCartney spotted the enormous tribute on Newcastle’s main street while driving to the venue. 

Unwilling to Let It Be, the musician stunned fans by stopping to admire Revs’ handiwork, pose for photos and sign autographs. 

McCartney’s presence also caught the attention of local office workers, with many pouring onto the busy thoroughfare for a close look.

The star was also given an opportunity to personalize the mural, to which he added his initials and a smiley face before making his way back to his car. […]

From Paul McCartney | News | For Whom The Bell Tells: ‘GOT BACK’ Australia Tour 2023
From Penny Lane | jensphotos | Blipfoto – I have been out and about today. And as is always the way, something I was having delivered came when I was out so it was off to the PO to return something and pick something up. All will be revealed with the return when it has been sorted. So in my travels I stopped near this intersection so I could blip the murial which has just been completed in honour of Paul McCartney’s forthcoming visit to Newy. Created by local artist Mitch Revs, who apparently had access to some of PMs doodles and liaised with PMs team about the mural. I can’t remember how many 100s of litres of paint there was but apparently there was quite a few.
From Current Paul McCartney news thread (interviews, articles, miscellaneous) | Page 603 | Steve Hoffman Music Forums
From Paul McCartney on X: Next stop on the GOT BACK tour: Newcastle, NSW. Ahead of the show, local artist Mitch Revs created this incredible mural featuring some of Paul’s best-loved songs. Check it out!


BM: Tell us about the name of your little son

KS: I saw Paul in Melbourne in 2017 on the ‘One On One’ Tour and was absolutely sobbing by the end of the concert. I said to my husband that our next (and last) baby would be named McCartney after Paul. Our little McCartney was born in 2019. He’s grown to love his namesake, listening to The Beatles and Paul’s solo work. He watches Paul’s tour videos and loves The Beatles movies. He especially loves playing The Beatles Rockband! […]

BM: And… It was time for the soundcheck

KS: As we went out into the stadium for the soundcheck, we were approached by one of Paul’s publicity people, who told us they’d seen little McCartney on the front page of the paper that morning. She took some photos and messaged someone to say we were here. We didn’t think too much more of it and soundcheck began. About two-thirds of the way through, after Paul finished ‘Ram On’, he looked out into the audience and said something like ‘I believe there’s a little boy out there by the name of McCartney, would he like to come up?’ So of course we jumped at the chance and were escorted by security backstage. We had also met a fellow Paul McCartney fan from one of the online groups, Belinda and her 11 year old son, Lennon that day and they followed us up backstage as well. We then waited for Paul to finish the next song before being led onto the stage, waving and greeting Brian, Abe, Wix and Rusty as we went. Then there was Paul. He asked my name then looked at my little Macca and said “I think I know you, what’s your name” and offered McCartney the microphone. After he said his name, the crowd cheered!! It was amazing!! Paul then said we should do a dance and sing a song. His famous Hofner was brought over, which little McCartney was just mesmerised by. Paul suggested ‘Drive My Car’ and we danced and sang along! Afterwards we had a quick hug and Belinda asked Rusty to snap a photo on her phone, which he did! Then we thanked Paul and everyone and off we went.

BM: How did you feel on stage?

KS: One sweet dream came true! I cannot believe how calm I was, he really made me feel as if he was just an old friend! I wasn’t shaking or crying or any of the overwhelm that I’d felt during the 2017 concert. It was simply magical! I cannot thank him enough for being so kind to give us his time that day. Something we will treasure forever! That evening at the concert McCartney and I were in the second row and caught Paul’s eye a few times. He gave us a nod or a little wave. It really capped off a Beautiful Night!.

From SOUNDCHECK Newcastle, New South Wales – 24.10.2023 🇦🇺 _ #paulmccartney #gotbacktour2023 #hotcityhorns #austrailia | Instagram
From Katie Sanerson on Facebook – My little boy McCartney and I were invited on stage yesterday afternoon at soundcheck. My friend Belinda and her son Lennon joined us! A surreal experience, I still cannot believe it happened! I’m so grateful!

McDonald Jones Stadium

This was the 1st and only concert played at McDonald Jones Stadium.

Setlist for the soundcheck

  1. Instrumental Jam

Setlist for the concert

  1. Medley

  2. Blackbird

    Written by Lennon - McCartney

  3. New

    Written by Paul McCartney

  4. Get Back

    Written by Lennon - McCartney

  5. Let It Be

    Written by Lennon - McCartney

  6. Hey Jude

    Written by Lennon - McCartney

  7. Encore

    1. Birthday

      Written by Lennon - McCartney

    2. The End

      Written by Lennon - McCartney

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Paul McCartney writing

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Tom Liverani • 1 year ago

Newcastle sound check - Oct. 24


Honey don’t

Twenty Flight Rock

Coming up

Find my way

Women and wives

Let em in


From me to you

It’s so easy

Ram on - Big barn bed

Midnight special

Drive my car (brought fans up on stage!)

Queenie Eye

Lady Madonna

Concert set list remained the same as two previous shows in Australia.

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