Buenos Aires • Tuesday, May 17, 2016

ConcertBy Paul McCartney • Part of the 1st South American leg of the One On One Tour
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Buenos Aires
Estadio Unico de la Plata
97,721 / 100,024 (for the 2 dates at La Plata)
$11,809,700 (for the 2 dates at La Plata)

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From paulmccartney.com, April 4, 2016:

Argentina Dates Of New Tour Confirmed:

Sunday 15th May: Alberto Kempes Stadium, Córdoba
Tuesday 17th May: Estadio Unico de la Plata, Buenos Aires

Thursday 19th May: Estadio Unico de la Plata, Buenos Aires

Paul McCartney has confirmed brand new dates for his ‘One On One’ tour in Argentina this summer.
As with the launch of every new Paul McCartney tour, ‘One On One’ promises to unveil a dazzling re-designed set, dozens of classics from the most beloved catalog in popular music, spanning Paul’s entire career – as a solo artist, member of Wings and of course as a Beatle – and no shortage of surprises. 

These concerts will be Paul’s first shows in Argentina since 2010 and will see Paul perform in Córdoba for the first ever time.

From Stuart Bell, Paul’s publicist, paulmccartney.com, July 21, 2016:

After the excitement of Cordoba, the bar has been ratcheted up so high for the next show in Buenos Aires. I start the day with my usual tour routine: a walk around the hotel neighbourhood to check the newsstands. In my pursuit of newspapers, I’m impressed with the high visibility of Paul’s presence – there are gig posters all over the place, as well as some which seem to have random song titles! I’m delighted when I find a newspaper kiosk to discover my boss has a heavy presence; in fact, he appears to be dominating the local news agenda.

Tonight Paul makes a dream come true for a ten-year old girl in the audience at the Ciudad de La Plata Stadium; indeed, young Leila Lacase will remember this night for the rest of her life. Towards the end of an incredible show, where the enchanted audience broke into spontaneous chanting at least five times, Paul spots Leila’s sign which reads: “Sign my monkey.” Intrigued and impressed, he invites her onstage with her mother, and asks if he can indeed add his signature. “No, I want to play bass with you,” she replies. Game for a bit of spontaneity, Paul hands her the instrument and they perform ‘Get Back’ together. (In the days to follow Leila is all over the TV news and makes several newspaper covers).

Paul has been inviting fans on stage at almost every show recently. This has led to fans around the world trying desperately to catch his eye, with signs as far as the eye can see, explaining why they should be chosen. Of course, none of this is predetermined; Paul simply makes his mind up on the night.

Back in La Plata, there is plenty to remember alongside Leila’s star-turn, with Paul giving his all for 55,000 people and the reviews match his performance. This may be his third visit to Buenos Aires, but the appetite of fans shows no sign of diminishing. Clarin reports, “A genius in La Plata – Macca stirred up a storm”, while La Nacion declares: “Not even all of the information circulating the Internet, or the experiences shared on social networks from his show in Cordoba or anywhere else in the world could tell the story of this night. They couldn’t even give us a clue of what we would feel when Sir Paul actually entered the stage.”

To exit the stadium at the end of the show, Paul and the band have to walk up a very steep ramp of 50 metres or so to the tour bus. I am flabbergasted to see Paul sprinting – yes,sprinting – up that incline after almost three hours of intense performance. I walked it earlier in the day a couple of times and it is not easy. Yet not only is Paul hurtling up, you can see that (and I’m putting myself at personal risk by typing this out for the world to see) the super-fit security team are having trouble keeping pace.

From Billboard, May 18, 2016:

A 10-year-old Argentinean girl had a special request for Paul McCartney during his concert last night (May 17) at La Plata Stadium in Buenos Aires. Leila, who was invited by McCartney onstage, asked if she could play bass with him instead of getting her teddy bear signed.

“This could be interesting … I didn’t see this coming,” said the McCartney as they handed the young fan a guitar. They then sang an impromptu duet of The Beatles’ 1969 single “Get Back.”

After their rendition of the track, the 73-year-old musician thanked Leila and her mom, who was also invited onstage, in Spanish. […]

From Twitter - 10-year-old Leila has wish granted, playing bass with Paul onstage in Buenos Aires #OneOnOne
From Twitter – 10-year-old Leila has wish granted, playing bass with Paul onstage in Buenos Aires #OneOnOne
Paul McCartney One On One tour 2016 - Paul's 'One On One' tour at the Estadio Unico de la Plata, Buenos Aires
Paul McCartney One On One tour 2016 – Paul’s ‘One On One’ tour at the Estadio Unico de la Plata, Buenos Aires

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Estadio Unico de la Plata

This was the 1st concert played at Estadio Unico de la Plata.

A total of 2 concerts have been played there • 2016May 17thMay 19th

Setlist for the concert




Foxy Lady

Written by Jimi Hendrix



Love Me Do

Written by Lennon - McCartney




Written by Lennon - McCartney




Written by Paul McCartney





Let It Be

Written by Lennon - McCartney


Hey Jude

Written by Lennon - McCartney





Written by Lennon - McCartney


Get Back

Written by Lennon - McCartney



Written by Lennon - McCartney



The End

Written by Lennon - McCartney


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Diego Domato 4 years ago

I was there for the first time since his first visit to Argentina, I was able to go see him. I cannot describe what I felt that night, from my long list of recitals, this was for several reasons the best and most emotional I went to, and there is no way that someone else will match it. Note aside is having gone with my oldest son, a fan of The Beatles on his own merit.

En español: Estuve ahí, por primera vez desde su primera visita a la Argentina en 1993, pude ir a verlo. No puedo describir lo que sentí esa noche, de mi larga lista de recitales, este fue por varias razones el mejor y más emotivo al que fui, y no va a haber manera de que otro lo iguale. Nota a parte es haber ido con mi hijo mayor, fan de The Beatles por merito propio.

The PaulMcCartney Project 4 years ago

Thanks @diego to have shared your memories !!

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