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One On One Tour

From Apr 13, 2016 to Dec 16, 2017 • By Paul McCartney

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“When people would talk about going to the ‘Out There’ shows, they said that even though it was a huge stadium, there was an intimate feeling about it. And I thought that was interesting really because with the big screens, we can make it a bit ‘One On One’. It’s like you watching me tell a story. So I was looking for a title that said something about intimacy, or something that summed up that feeling. Then I thought of the expression ‘one on one’ and they just looked like nice words – a good title. So that was it! It was because people had fed back this idea that the show, even though it was giant, somehow managed to communicate an intimate feeling between the audience and me.” – Paul McCartney

From, December 2016:

2016 saw Paul taking out his all new ‘One On One’ tour
PAUL: When you play big baseball stadiums like Fenway Park, that’s a big event. But also it’s great because of the history of the stadium. All these stadiums – MetLife – they’ve got a great sporting history.

Am I big baseball fan? I like it, I will watch it, but I’m more into American Football. I like American football a lot, and basketball. But I like baseball. So it’s great playing these big old American stadiums. You get all the history of, you know, “This is where Yogi Berra did his famous thing!”

So in Fenway, I remember the full moon came up as we were playing. We were outdoors, and it was really beautiful. We’re looking out, and it’s dark and, “Wow, look at that!” You point it out to the crowd and it feels magical.

That American tour was great, it was good fun. And then all the other places: Canada; Argentina; Belgium, the big festival there, Rock Werchter; Germany, we played in the Munich Olympic Stadium on the day ‘Pure McCartney’ was released.

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