Echo Arena Liverpool 2015

Piccadilly Circus

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Golden Slumbers

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Carry That Weight","The End"

Concert From the concert in Liverpool, United Kingdom on May 28, 2015


Carry That Weight

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Golden Slumbers","The End"

Concert From the concert in Liverpool, United Kingdom on May 28, 2015


The End

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Live • Medley with "Golden Slumbers","Carry That Weight"

Concert From the concert in Liverpool, United Kingdom on May 28, 2015




Paul's Greeting


Massage Introduction


From giginjapan:

The high-quality full inclusion by VIP front row recording!
On the day of the sound check also complete recording!
Temporary Secretary “and” Another Girl “rare song!
After a long time and become hometown Liverpool Arc de performances! !

From Piccadilly Circus label is a pole of experts, of 2015 Autozea – ​​European tour will be the release. Piccadilly correspondent works business trip, and did a Japan tour as well great job! This work is Japan, after a small pause around with South Korea, it was over a long time in Europe, the UK last day May 28 Liverpool performances, are you complete recording, including the sound check. do not know the place to stay Autozea – ​​tour has already become a thing of the long-term over three years leg rest, also visited twice (three times) in Japan in the meantime, each time, to become a development type of tour that will add a surprise It has. And surprising and that’s around the Europe is the first time on this tour, we can say the long-awaited concert.

In Europe tour, the home country the United Kingdom London 2 performances and Birmingham, and Liverpool, just four performances only. The UK last concert, Liverpool performances recorded in this work. Still decorate the tour final is not considered non-local Liverpool. birthplace of the concert in which relatives and officials visit many are those that are unable to pull out the hand also for Paul, 2003, 2008, and 2011, only those renowned as all the past of local performances Meien. And this time, it is Echo Arena for the second time since Paul himself in 2011 was selected to the venue. This work is fully recorded both the concert and the sound check.

There is also a dense Budokan addition to the stadium performances four times for our Japanese fans, in mind there is a feeling that with stanza, but fans around the world, are looking forward to Paul’s visit, especially in the home country the United Kingdom after a long time sold out if there advent of whether, in an instant ticket. Additional performances we were greeted Omotte enthusiasm of enough to be bears. Set list conventional Autozea – ​​as it was followed the, opening the “EIGHT DAYS A WEEK”. This also is not familiar to those Japanese fans, but in fact debuted in the UK. Although in 2015 the opening of the Japan tour had become the “Magical Mystery Tour”, this is a one that was changed dare special Based on 2013, still Autozea – ​​is one that is “EIGHT DAYS A WEEK” Paul as the base would that have been recognized.

And surprise Nanoha this time, nothing else you’ll be the world’s first showing off “temporary secretary”. This Europe is a song that have been made from the tour to the set list, but is where the reaction of the audience is a concern, as soon as that peculiar rhythm of driving flows, you’ll be surprised fans were many. For the realistic the fan several times concerts, but I think that familiar with that song was used in the opening film, and that it is called to play in the main, from the sampling music of the European tour of the opening film, also it is noteworthy that this song has been omitted. Private recording specific album that reflects the fashion of the time, “McCartney 2”, it has become the now, but there is also the side that feel old and its electronic sound, thus the new breath is blown by live it’s great. No way the date on which to play this song live will come, you’ll be yesteryear fan could not be OJ imagination. Although the luxury version is remastered has been released in recent years, is the biggest hit songs of the album “Coming up” rather than, dare insistence of Paul glimpses in the place where you have choice of the “temporary secretary” of the second song It is a place to be. Speaking hope, that light is applied in to play this way in live even minor songs that had been buried until now, I think that it is good Na As you are re-evaluated. In that sense this “temporary secretary” would just say that perfect song.

Other features, has been replaced by the “jet” is removed from the set list “meddlesome to that girl.” Of being played for the first time in a long time since the 1976 tour “meddlesome to that girl” – “Jet” almost all of the tour from ’89 as a live staple, because that has been played in all of the concert, rather Autozea in music of the same Wings who I think whether to accept mania. Moreover, while the Wings era was playing the piano, this tour is a feature that was playing the base. Also it became the first Japanese showcase in 2015 “HOPE FOR THE FUTURE” debuted even outside Japan. Further, in Angkor it has been superseded by the position of the “Day Tripper” and “Another Girl”. You know, in the song Budokan concert has become the premiere, I had to play carefully so as not to make a mistake while watching the hand uneasily at Budokan but was impressive, here has become quite offered at performance.

In addition, the same venue continuous performances and, in the case of performing continuous performances in the same area, Paul for both visiting fans, we have that to replace a few songs. For example, only the 2015 Tokyo Dome the second day would be many people that remember, such as the opening song has changed. In this Liverpool performance, we have some or songs, such has been recorded in London the first day performance of simultaneous release. One of them is the “Got To Get You Into My Life”. Budokan we’ve called a topic that has been played for the first time in a long time in the performances, in this case, Liverpool has been playing in the third song in the form of replacing the “All My Loving”. In addition, it is also features the second last encore has been replaced in on behalf of the “I Saw Her Standing There,” “Can not Buy Me Love”.

And this work, Japan performance series as well of the same label, has become a set of a sound check. Focusing on rare songs you do not want to play in this volume every time, is this itself, sound check of the pole that is the other one small, are generally VIP ticket also in Europe was launched. The sound check here Liverpool, students have been invited to serve as the training of music school LIPA Paul is deeply involved. Sound check, which began in such will kicked off in Oldies number such as “Honey Do not” and “Blue Suade Shoes”. In places surprising “Get Back” is also Autozea – ​​It is a place of rare so songs that have not been played in the tour. And “Penny Lane,” which has been carefully check is made over a considerable time in the sound check of the Budokan is again has been played again. Initially would be a mistake, a second performance has become a Drying take at refocus. Here as miss occurs, still perfectly you can either play for it has been determined that it is impossible to be, yet your local song of Liverpool, rather than that in the main part is played after all, the results sound check only valuable as It was a Beatles number. The new album “Alligator” is also, after all without being played in concert, it is a sound check only live take.

Speaking of Piccadilly Circus label, in the Japan tour of the recent Paul, but high-quality sound recording, which reverses the common sense has become a hot topic, this work May 28 日 年 2015, UK tour final of the earth, the Liverpool performances, Japan performances similar staff, so we become a thing that was completely recorded in the same equipment, the quality I think I would like you to trust. Moreover, as it suggests the fact that the sound check sound source has been recorded simultaneously, for recording position is also a recording of been camped the front row, will not probably sound quality of Liverpool performances of the sound source than this. Of course, it is the original source of Piccadilly monopoly.

new classic title to Paul fan Paul specialists, Piccadilly Circus label give. Is the first showcase and “temporary secretary”, Budokan premiere has been made in the performance “Another Girl” and others, rare number are many even in sound check. The complete recording by monopoly original sound source of ultimate quality by business trip work of these Piccadilly correspondent. It is the work that you want to collection along with the London performance of simultaneous release. Permanent Athletic Press board of beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.


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