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Nashville • Thursday, October 16, 2014

ConcertBy Paul McCartney (part of Out There Tour)
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From Tenessean:

[…] Though it’s now been 50 years since The Beatles first took America by storm, Thursday night marked just the second time McCartney, 72, has taken the stage for a concert in Nashville. The first was also at Bridgestone in 2010. But his history with Nashville goes all the way back to 1974, when he and his family spent six weeks living on a farm outside Lebanon, Tenn.

Some great memories of Nashville, because we did some recording here, you know?” he recalled from the stage. “It was great. Great music people, a couple of them are here tonight.

He mentioned “Ernie,” referring to recording engineer Ernie Winfrey, who was McCartney’s engineer during the Nashville sessions.

And by the way,” McCartney added. “You’ve got to save these old studios, man. History.

It seems even Paul McCartney has heard of the saga of Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A, which was recently saved from demolition.[…]

But sticking to the script might be best for an artist with at least a dozen tunes he can’t leave a stage without playing – and there was still room to improvise. On most of his recent dates, McCartney has opened with The Beatles’ “Eight Days a Week.” In Nashville, it was “Magical Mystery Tour,” a speedy psychedelic rocker that heads straight for the high notes – a few of which McCartney was not quite ready to reach. […]

He pulled out “Birthday” from the Beatles’ “White Album” after a sign in the crowd asked him to wish a happy birthday to a 16-year-old girl named Lizzy.. Another dedication to an audience member came with recent cut “My Valentine.” McCartney wrote the ballad for his wife, Nancy, who was in attendance. […]

In Nashville, one song that’s often on the setlist still had some spontaneous charm, as the lesser-known Beatles tune “I’ve Just Seen a Face” may be the closest the Fab Four ever came to bluegrass. The audience clapped along, and as the song hit its final chord, McCartney let out a spontaneous “Yee-ha!” […]

From Twitter: Nashville! Music City! Oh Yeah!!
From Twitter: Nashville! Music City! Oh Yeah!!

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